Sensor Data Acquisition

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With the fourth industry revolution (IR 4.0) now on the horizon, IoT is one major building block towards industry 4.0. This points toward intelligent, networked systems where previously separated production environments are combined to produce universal production worlds. This course walks the participants through the sensor data acquisition of the IoT workflow development.

The course is illustrated with theory as well as real world application example on acquiring sensor data from an industrial motor. Real world application such as predictive modelling will be discussed. This will ensure that the participants can have a concise real world walk through of various different sensors and its acquisition techniques. Condition monitoring for machinery will be illustrated.

Course Objectives

• The participants will understand various different type of sensors

• The participants will be able to make use of sensor to perform data acquisition. 

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop data acquisition systems that produce accurate measurements
  • Acquire data from sensors, such as thermocouples and strain gages, using microcontroller based hardware 
  • Create graphical user application to perform data acquistion
  • Use basic signal conditioning technique to improve the quality of acquired signals
  • Synchronize multiple DAQ operations and devices

Training Kit

This course make use of low cost industrial microcontroller and sensor acquisition system that the trainee need to purchase separately.


Lesson 1: Overview of Sensors

• Various types of sensor

• Connectivity protocols for sensors

• Data acquisition and industrial networking

• Field bus, OPC network

Lesson 2: Basic Embedded System 

· Simulation driven design of embedded system

· Performing data acquisition with embedded system

· Analysis and plotting with OpenMatrix Language (OML)

· Digital Twin and Predictive Modeling introduction

Mini Project part 1: 

· A mini project let the participant construct a microcontroller based sensor data acquisition system


Lessons 1: Application for Sensor Data Acquisition

The second day focus on preparing your own application with graphical user interface to manage the data acquisition process.

· Creating graphical user interface application

· Integrating sensor data acquisition to your application

· Visualization and Report output of your data

Lesson 2: Condition Monitoring 

· Integrate logic and alert system for your sensor data acquisition system

Mini Project part 2: 

· A mini project let the trainee construct a complete sensor based condition monitoring system.


The course is approximately 70% lecture and 30% hands-on. The training format is largely interactive and seeks to engage students and answer their application specific questions. The Instructor will also be available to discuss application specific topics during training breaks and at the close of each session. 


Academician and Engineer who is interested to learn about sensor data acquisition for Industry 4.0 usage.


2 Days (9:00am to 5:00pm)




Trial version of Altair Compose and Embed will be used for training.


Bymetrix has division that that distributes some key software that is used in the context of IR 4.0.

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This 2-day course provides hands-on experience for trainees to understand and implement sensor data acquisition for IoT system. The course will run through examples with some mixture of programming languages such as C for hardware deployment, python for data analysis and Altair Embed . 

trainning calendar

2 days in October 2019

Sensor Data Acquisition

9am - 5pm


Event Details

2 days in October 2019

Sensor Data Acquisition

Venue: Singapore, TBD

Cost: SGD1150 per pax


9am - 5pm