netsim professional

NetSim Professional Training Outline - 3 Days

This three-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to the NetSim® network simulator. Basic understanding of computer networks and elementary C programming knowledge are pre-requisites. Themes of modeling, simulation, result analysis, visualization, and programming are explored throughout the course.


Basic knowledge of computer networks and experience with working knowledge of C.  

1. NetSim Expert Demo

Working with the NetSim User Interface (Hands-on)

Interfacing with Wireshark (Hands-on)

Objective: Become familiar with the main features of the NetSim integrated design environment and its user interfaces. Get an overview of course themes.

· Simulate basic network scenarios

· Visualization using Advanced Packet Animation

· Advanced Features – Packet Trace, Event Trace and Dynamic Metrics

· Packet Capture and analysis with Wireshark – PING

· Capturing NetSim packets using Wireshark – TCP flow, plots

· Enabling encryption models in NetSim and analyzing via Wireshark

2. Featured Example and Experiments Manual (Hands-on)

Objective: Performing Lab Experimentation and Examples using pre-saved Configuration.

· RIP, OSPF Route table formation

· Configuring Static Routes in the Routers

3. Understand working of Wi-fi (Hands-on)

Objective: Focus on various IEEE802.11 Standards such as a/b/g/e/n/ac/p.

· How throughput and error vary with distance

Channel allocation in Wi-fi

4. Introduction to MANETs in NetSim (Hands-on)

Objective: Design, model and simulate wireless networks using Wireless Node for Single MANET, Wireless Node and Bridge Node for Multiple MANET.

• Setting up Multi-hop communication in MANETs

• Mobility Models – Packet Animation, Group Based, File Based Mobility (mobility.txt)

• Routing Protocols: AODV/ DSR/ ZRP/ OLSR.

5. Introduction to WSN/IoT in NetSim. (Hands-on)

Focus on 

IEEE802.15.4 Standard.

RPL in LowPAN Gateway.

Objective: Perform simulation of group of sensors communicating with the cloud server.

• Battery Model and Energy consumption metrics

• Understanding Superframe structure and effect of Superframe order on throughput

• Creating and configuring an IoT network scenario in NetSim

6. Introduction to LTE network in NetSim (Hands-on)

Objective: Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Model Library with high fidelity simulation of 4G / 4.5G cellular networks.

• Simulation of Handover Procedure

• Understanding Device to Device (D2D) Communication

7. 5G NR mmWave in NetSim (Expert Demo followed by Hand-on)

Objective:Working of 5G. Simulation examples

• 4G vs 5G 

• Throughput and Latency in 5G

8. Introduction to VANET in NetSim (Hands-on)

• SUMO Interfacing

• IEEE 802.11p and IEEE 1609 Standard

• V2V and V2I

Objective: Interfacing NetSim with road traffic simulator – SUMO to perform VANET Simulation

• Importing and simulating SUMO Configuration in NetSim

• Using SUMO NetEdit and RandomTrips to model road traffic network

• TRaCI APIs – Example: Vehicle value retrieval

• LTE based VANET Simulation

9. Introduction to Source Codes and Customization in NetSim (Hands-on)


• Running Simulation via CLI

• NetSim Source Code organization

• Hello World Program

• Debugging source code - relating Event details with Trace files

• Printing to console for debugging

• Adding Custom Performance Metrics in NetSim

10. Interfacing MATLAB with NetSim (Hands-on)

Objective: Step by step understanding of interfacing MATLAB with NetSim

• Implementing Dynamic Clustering

• Clustering using Self-Organizing Map Neural Network

11. Introduction to Emulation in NetSim (Expert Demo)

Objective: Perform Emulation by connecting real systems to NetSim Simulator and analyze performance. 

• Analysis of impact on PING

• Impact of Live application

12. Q & A

Objective: How to do your R & D using NetSim

• NetSim Resources (Help Documents, Knowledgebase, Videos)

• File Exchange

• NetSim Support portal

• Raising Support Queries

System Requirements

Please bring your own laptops. 

· Systems: i3 processor (or above) with 4GB RAM, Monitors: Min 1024 * 768 resolution

· OS: Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 (32bit / 64bit) 

· Microsoft Office 2007 or higher version

A download link and password with be provided for NetSim two days prior to start of training program

MATLAB trial version can be downloaded from Mathworks website.

Why Undergo NetSim Training?

· Increase knowledge of and proficiency in NetSim

· Demonstrate skills to a potential client

· Gain a career advancement (Job, promotion, project consideration etc.)

About NetSim Training

NetSim courses are developed by a team of training engineers with exclusive product knowledge gained from working closely with product developers. They acquire significant hands-on experience by using new products months before they are released and are always current on new capabilities. 

Expert instructors understand that not everyone learns in the same way. That’s why the team—engineers themselves with advanced degrees and years of experience—uses a variety of techniques to reinforce concepts and build proficiency.