IoT 360

This 3-day course provides hands-on experience for trainees to understand IoT and IIoT in the context of Industry 4.0. The course will run through examples with some mixture of programming languages such as C for hardware deployment and the open source OpenMatrix Language (OML) for application such as data analytic.



Internet of Things (IoT) and its sibling industry IoT (IIoT) are technology where huge number of embedded devices (things) are connected to the Internet. These things communicate with people and other devices, providing data to cloud that is analyzed to derive important insight. With the fourth industry revolution (IR 4.0) now on the horizon, IoT is one major building block towards industry 4.0. This points toward intelligent, networked systems where previously separated production environments are combined to produce universal production worlds. This course walks the participants through the ecosystem of IoT/IIoT from end to end.

The course is illustrated with theory as well as real world application example on creating working edge device with sensor and performing data analytic with the collected data. Real world application such as predictive modelling will be discussed. This will ensure that the participants can have a concise real world walk through of the IoT ecosystem and its possibilities. 

Course Objectives

• The participants will insight into the building blocks of IoT. This allows them to start assimilating logical ideas will be a fundamental building block towards building industry ready solutions.

• The participants will be able to independently define the solution requirements and undertake small projects independently.

Training Kit

This course comes with a microcontroller and sensor training kit that the trainee can keep after attending the training. 


Lesson 1: IoT and IIoT Introduction

• IoT/IIoT History 

• Embedded systems introduction for IoT

• Data acquisition and industrial networking

• Field bus, OPC network

• IoT Cloud and Security


• Brief about standard IoT platforms: Smartcore, AWS IoT, Azure

Lesson 2: Cloud application in IoT & IIoT

· Mathematics & Statistical Method used in IoT/IIoT

· Digital Twin and Predictive Modeling introduction

· Performing Analysis and Visualization

· Analysis and plotting with OpenMatrix Language (OML)


Lessons 1: Embedded System for IoT

The second day focus on preparing your own embedded system IoT device for deployment over the cloud

· Sensors

· Basic embedded edge device deployment

· Performing analysis with embedded IoT device

Lesson 2: Putting it to the Cloud 

· Putting your IoT device onto the cloud and retrieving data from it

Mini Project part 1: 

· A mini project that put your IoT device with sensor onto the cloud and retrieving the data


Lessons 1: Artificial Intelligence Technologies

· Machine learning and Deep Neural Network (DNN) for IoT introduction

Lesson 2: Smart Manufacturing 

· Smart manufacturing

· Digital Twin, predictive modelling

· Finding Natural Patterns in Data 

· Apply the analysis method that participants have learned 

· Building Classification Models

Mini Project part 2: 

· Creating a classification model

· Deployment of model onto IoT device


The course is approximately 70% lecture and 30% hands-on. The training format is largely interactive and seeks to engage students and answer their application specific questions. The Instructor will also be available to discuss application specific topics during training breaks and at the close of each session. 


Academician and Engineer who is interested to learn about applying IoT for Industry 4.0 usage.


3 Days (9:00am to 5:00pm)


Basic programming knowledge in C

OpenMatrix Language.


Bymetrix has division that that distributes some key software that is used in the context of IR 4.0, However, for the purpose of the training, the participants will use only open source and free alternatives of such software. Such software, nonetheless, is mentioned in certain parts of the training for real-life example illustration.


Training Calendar

1-3 July 2019

IoT 360 Training

9am - 5pm


Event Details

1-3 July 2019

IoT 360 Training

public training at Singapore. 

Cost: SGD $ 1750 per pax

early bird promotion SGD$1600 for registration before 31 May 2019

9am - 5pm