v-one - Towards Industry 4.0

What is V-ONE?


 V-ONE is an Industrial IoT that collects BIG data from Cloud, Fog or Edge for analysis, with fully flexible visualization drill down charts and flexible dashboard to provide meaningful analytics to users in real time basis and extend the platform towards complete data feeding for Artificial Intelligence processing.

Introducing V-ONE, ViTrox's latest industry 4.0 software-based solution


  1. Are you struggling with overkill/underkill defects from your inspection system?
  2. Do you know how much cost and time will be wasted during manufacturing processes?
  3. Does your current feedback system effectively track and optimize your machine utilization and efficiency?
  4. Have you received the first-hand aid instantly whenever a manufacturing problem occurred?



Connect: Automatically Collect Machine Data


  • +M2M (SMT machines) 
  • +M2M (Semiconmachines)
  • +M2M (other machines)
  • +IOT Gateways

Visualize: Machine Utilization and Dashboards


  • +Control Tower
  • +E-Ticketing
  • +Augmented Reality 

ProAct: Big Data and Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence


  • +AI Programming 
  • +Predictive Maintenance